As the founder and owner of her own specialty jewelry brand, Xenophora,  Karissma faced the production problems that many designers face in an industry overrun with fast fashion.  What started in a brightmoor basement took her to Paris fashion week and back again (with her designs sold at retail locations in 5 different countries), but left her with no sustainable way to scale.  

No longer able to meet the demand by hand, she searched for a manufacturing partner that could bridge the gap between her now sought-after designs and a finished product she could ship to her customers.  That search came up empty, and after meeting with hundreds of jewelry brand owners the truth became clear; they all had the same problem. A fast-approaching plateau caused by lagging lead times. 

After reaching the conclusion that a solution didn’t exist, Karissma decided to create one.  After 1.5 years of research and fundraising, Casting de Khrysopoeia was born. The only Detroit-based jewelry design and manufacturing facility capable of taking jewelry from concept to finished product and a Case Study for what is now known as Gildform.


Find out more about Gildform by visiting them on instagram.

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