As the founder and owner of her own specialty jewelry brand, Xenophora,  Karissma faced the production problems that many designers face in an industry overrun with fast fashion.  What started in a brightmoor basement took her to Paris fashion week and back again (with her designs sold at retail locations in 5 different countries), but left her with no sustainable way to scale.  

No longer able to meet the demand by hand, she searched for a manufacturing partner that could bridge the gap between her now sought-after designs and a finished product she could ship to her customers.  That search came up empty, and after meeting with hundreds of jewelry brand owners the truth became clear; they all had the same problem. A fast-approaching plateau caused by lagging lead times. 

After reaching the conclusion that a solution didn’t exist, Karissma decided to create one.  After 1.5 years of research and fundraising, Casting de Khrysopoeia was born. The only Detroit-based jewelry design and manufacturing facility capable of taking jewelry from concept to finished product and a Case Study for what is now known as Gildform.


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Lovelies by Loeloe

“Here at Lovelies by Loeloe we are dedicated to hand- crafting beautiful products through conscious processes. All designed and handmade in The Netherlands and sometimes in Curaçao. I started this journey because of the excitement I get when I think about making things that I truly love and the feelings I get when I share these. As a designer and craftswomen I combine the inspiration I get from different street cultures and spirituality with the laid back island life and make affordable jewelry pieces with a timeless feel.”

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Dorian Webb

“Award winning designer and artist Dorian Webb believes that taking the time to savor the small, yet luxurious indulgences in life is what makes it so pleasurable and rewarding.  As a junior at Yale University spending a semester abroad, Dorian came to appreciate the artistry and tradition of Venetian glassblowing. After graduation, she founded her eponymous company to create handcrafted objects that encouraged people to pause to recognize the beauty that surrounds them. “

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Robin Erfe

In this bizarre place a young lady had a box. It was full of stones, beads, and wire. she let me pick from the colors she had. I created three chokers, one with tumbled stones, one blue glass with crystal, and one red glass with rose quartz. These chokers would follow me from place to place, worn always together. people asked, “why don’t you wear them separate? It will show off their beauty.“ I was stubborn. They didn’t know these chokers came from the same moment and were a time capsule that would etch its way over and over again in my life.

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Alexia Connellan

Alexia began creating custom jewels commissioned by private clients. In 2015, she launched a signature collection of couture jewels inspired by extraordinary gems from her collection. One of her first creations, the stunning Victoria Bracelet, designed to feature a spectacular 16.06-carat purple-pink tourmaline, was honored in the Spectrum Awards, an annual gemstone jewelry design competition sponsored by the American Gem Trade Association.

Her approach to jewelry design is as meticulous as it is inspired. From painterly design sketch to painstaking hand craftsmanship, each detail of every heirloom-quality piece is thoughtfully considered. Every extraordinary piece is a new classic: a unique piece of art to wear, with exceptional quality that will last for generations. And like the woman who wears it, each jewel is absolutely unique.

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Heavy Metals NYC

“Heavy Metals NYC is a Brooklyn-based accessories brand fronted by local sculptor/scribe, Shanel Odum. The beautifully badass jewelry line is an eclectic mosh of fashion-forward, avant-garde, and luxe designs lovingly handcrafted in a cozy, Clinton Hill studio. The continuously swelling collection incorporates flowing feathers, gorgeous gunmetal, sterling silver swords, and studded ammo into impossibly chic body adornments. Bespoke designs are also available.”

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Kaleidoscope Beauty

Kaleidoscope Beauty  is a brand empowering the disenfranchised through contemporary, handcrafted, statement jewellery that’s ethically sourced and showcasing the beauty of Africa 

Our unique pieces are hand-made by Kenyan artisans determined to turn their lives around. From young mothers, to reformed criminals and street boys, faced with the burden of multigenerational poverty, lack of sanitation, and the harsh realities of living in the slums.

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