What’s in a name?

Let me explain...

For those unfamiliar with jewellery industry lingo, the name of this blog may seem a bit left field. The same probably goes for those in the trade as well.

The most vital tool in any gemmologist/jewellers arsenal is the loupe. You know the tiny magnifying glass they always show bad guys using in films when they examine their stolen diamonds? That thing.

The standard magnification for gemmological loupes is ten times magnification or 10x for short. And hence, The Ten Times. You can of course get loupes with stronger magnifications (20x, 50x, etc.) but 10x magnification is the the most commonly used.

Yes, I have multiple loupes. Yes, I have a favourite. And no, I have not named them. Yet.

Whenever I grade an item of jewellery or a gemstone the loupe is always the first tool I grab, and on some occasions, the only tool I use. Pretty much all of the photos you will see on this blog, especially the close-ups of the gemstones, were taken with an iPhone and a loupe. 

It doesn't matter how strong the magnification is. If you don't know what you're looking for, you'll never find it.

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