10x on Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez:

Unexpected Modern Jewellery Icon​

A True Puerto Rican Pincess

The self-proclaimed “Baddest Bish”  that is Joseline Hernandez has been an on-off feature of my life ever since the airing of popular reality show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, in 2012. This show has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years, with early seasons being broadcast at lunchtimes during sixth form. 


Joseline rose to fame on the show after emancipating herself from the strip club, with the help of music producer Stevie J, or as Joseline calls him, Steebie. She quickly found herself embroiled in an incredibly awkward, yet entertaining, love triangle (amongst other shenanigans) which inevitably led to bust-ups and fall outs with almost every single cast member of the show, and her eventual dismissal from the programme.

Bad behaviour aside for a moment.

During the quarantine, my housemate and I found ourselves in an late night YouTube hole, reliving some of the Baddest Bish’s best moments on Love and Hip Hop. Looking back, I have to admit that Joseline’s drip was definitely a cut above the rest. If hands were to be thrown, they would at least be accessorised to perfection. 


For some, her preferences may seem over the top or loud, but in the nicest way possible, her taste in jewellery efficiently reflects these parts of her personality. And she wears it well. Joseline sees herself as a “Puerto Rican Princess” and adorns herself as such. If anything, this is a mindset that I am here for and endorse. 

Crowns and tiaras off to you Joseline.

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